Grand Unified Theory
Physics for a New Age

Physics & Psychology Explored From A Unified Perspective!
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  • Is a unified field theory possible in 4-D spacetime?

  • What are the limits of our universe, or of existence?

  • What is non-existence?
  • Is the universe steady-state, becoming more or less random, losing or gaining energy?

  • What is the future of physics beyond a grand unified theory?

Grand Unified Theory book


  • What is the definition of a living being?

  • What defines consciousness?

  • To what extent are living beings predictable?

  • Is a unified theory of psychology possible?

  • Is there any plausible physical basis to the paranormal?

  • Is there any spiritual basis for science, or a scientific basis for spirituality?

  • Ross Tobia, M.A. Psychology Research, outlines the answers to these questions in a series of monographs about the physical nature of existence, including our universe and our solar system.

  • The monographs are logical, easy to understand and do not require extensive knowledge of physics, rather they require an interest in discovering why reality is the way it is.

  • The lines between physical science and psychology disappear as the author defines physical reality and the behavior of living beings in the same terms.

  • Whether you are interested in physics, psychology, spirituality or the paranormal, read this book and see all of these disciplines revealed in a unified light, and possibly a unified physical universe!

What people have to say about this book...

  • “Ross Tobia writes coherently, in the spirit of Pythagoras (and my own mentor Arthur M. Young) to integrate the mysteries of the soul with the fundamental principles of science and philosophy. This book cannot help but to stimulate deeper inquiry into the most essential questions.”
    – Jeffrey Mishlove PhD, President, Intuition Network & Author, The PK Man

  • “If I had lived in the early twentieth century and someone had proposed a limit to the velocity of light, I would not have believed it. Ross's ideas seem, in that way, unbelievable.”
    - Rainer Thomae PhD, International Physicist

  • "You sure can pack a truckload of info in a small package! From particles to entire cosmological systems in 106 pages! All woven with a fervent metaphysical thread that ties it together. All in all, a fascinating book." - David Reid, Biochemist

  • “This is the kind of book you want to read without interruption because it has a lot of merit, and it’s very deep. I love these kinds of things... spurs peoples' thinking... fascinating, interesting, and worthwhile pursuing.”– Nunzio Di Marca, Radio Show Host

  • “Masstime physics is a new theory presented in an easy to read style… explores the unusual, the unknown… and lets the readers make up their own minds.”
    – Rev. Victoria E. Vandertuin, New Age Researcher & Investigator

  • “In his first book... Ross Tobia successfully applies scientific language and thought to the metaphysical giving us an entirely new perspective on an ancient subject.” - Trish Reynolds, PhD & Author

  • “It is a wonderful book, the world needs more books like this.”
    – Sri Nivasa Rompicharla, Head Priest, Shiva-Vishnu Temple

  • "The book has some very interesting ideas."
    - Swami Tejomyananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide

  • “Ross has a unique way of expressing the creation story of spirit as it enters into our physical lives” - Ackbar, Owner, Galactic Gateways New Age Bookstore

  • "The difference between matter and living things comes down to inertia. Galileo, Newton and Einstein all studied inertia. So does Tobia." - Andover Townsman Newspaper

  • "It is a whole new way of looking at the world around us."
    - Contra Costa Times Newspaper Columnist Clara-Rae Genser

About The Author

Before Ross Tobia earned his Masters Degree in Psychology Research, he had independently studied chemistry, physics, astronomy, even astrology and yoga. This book is the culmination of his attempts to explain a fundamental question: what is the place of life in the Universe? This book answers profound questions. Is this universe all there is? What is its shape and geometry? What is the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum? What is the scientific definition of life? Can anything resist gravity? Does astrology have a physical explanation? The answers lie in this book’s explanation of the mysteries surrounding the space, the elements, the energy, and finally the life of the cosmos. This is it – the Grand Unified Theory presented as an open door.

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